Ian Hill

Ian Hill

CTC Volunteer of the Year for the East Midlands, Ian Hill.

Ian manages to combine the roles of Derby DA Secretary, Burton-on-Trent Section Secretary, CTC East Midlands Region Treasurer and event organiser, also newly elected President Mercia CC.

For many years Ian has been both Secretary of Derby DA and the Burton-on-Trent Section, organising many events and the success of both has been largely due to his unstinting efforts.

He has also been on the CTC East Midlands Region Committee from the start as Treasurer (he is a chartered accountant) and for the past five years has organised the annual CTC East Midlands Region "Six Counties of the Region" 200K Audax ride.

In addition to these efforts he is also an organiser and official of Mercia Cycling Club which has close ties with the CTC and has recently been elected Mercia CC President.

A quiet man who gets on with the job, Ian has the respect of all who know him and have benefited from his efforts.