Alec McCalden

Runner up CTC Volunteer of the Year (South East England), Alec McCalden

Alec McCalden

Runner up CTC Volunteer of the Year (South East England), Alec McCalden.

Over the last couple of years Alec has been the driving force behind the Godalming Cycle Campaign and an active Right to Ride Rep.

The key event which wins him this award is the effort he has put into the Public Inquiry on the A3 at Hindhead, where he represented the CTC for nearly two years. This strategically significant campaign saw local volunteers co-ordinating a demanding campaign across a huge range of interests.

It was Alex who took the lead on that significant workload during the inquiry and the support and energy he gave to other objectors was invaluable. There was a long delay between the inquiry closing and the Inspectors' Report being published which resulted in a significant change to the costing of the scheme which gave another opportunity to pursue the case for cycling, this he did and enabled others to make their case. While the final outcome was not good for cyclists/cycling the effort that Alec put into the case for cyclists deserves to be recognised.

Apart for the Hindhead scheme he plays a leading role in making the case for cycling at Waverley's Cycling Forum and Local Transport Liaison Committee. He is a keen advocate of using a bike for everyday utility transport, and never loses an opportunity to promote bike use in order to improve communications in a community.