Welfare Officer's Toolkit

A Welfare Officer helps resolve any issues within the group to make sure everyone enjoys their rides

Welfare Officer's Toolkit

What does a cycling group's Welfare Officer do? Cycling groups have traditionally offered advice and support for members on an informal basis above and beyond that given during cycling activities. A Welfare Officer can also help resolve any issues that may arise within the group.

 A Welfare Officer is the person appointed by a group to resolve, informally in the first instance, any issues that may arise within the group, such as a complaint about a member's behaviour or concerns over an individual's ability to ride safely with the group. 

The Welfare Officer may:

  • Offer advice and support for members of the group;
  • Ensure that all members are treated fairly;

They may also attempt to resolve any issues that may arise by taking the following steps:

  • Remaining neutral and impartial;
  • Taking advice from the Committee where necessary, especially where serious allegations such as sexual harassment, racist behaviour and so on are concerned;
  • Calling a Committee meeting to discuss the issue and present a formal response on behalf of the group if the issue cannot be resolved informally.

For Cycling UK, Member Groups, the Welfare Officer should contacting Cycling UK if the situation is still not resolved, in which case it should be treated as a formal complaint and handled according to Cycling UK’s Complaints Procedure. All  issues and their outcomes should be reported using the form below.